Family Game Night

With all this Ohio rainy weather, it has put a bit of a kink in my photo session schedule...

However, that just means that my camera is loaded and ready to shoot, so it's a perfect time to "document life" for my OWN family!

My girls had all been out playing tennis with my husband while I was at a meeting with other area photographers...therefore, due to this level of activity in the humidity of the day,  my lovely tweenagers had no interest in being "in focus" in these pictures due to their "sweaty" nature. 

So, I had to get creative!

If you've taken a Snapshop with me, you'll remember me talking a lot about "storytelling" and "story elements"...

It's how I approach any session...

For this one in particular, I knew I wasn't going to be focusing on "characters" and that's okay in this instance, because between my youngest (who really didn't care one way or the other) and other components that can be added, I think I could still "tell this story" in it's own unique way...and let the images create a timeline that my girls would enjoy looking through & remembering the moments.

How will you document life for your family this weekend?
How can you capture an "event" and create a timeline that your family will look back on and smile?

I'd love to see what you do!!!
You can check out the CT Photo Memories Facebook page and "post to the page" OR, if you are a Snapshop Grad, post in our private chat group so we can ooh and ahh over each other!!!

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