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A New Year...New Opportunities...

I thought it appropriate to start off 2015 with Senior Blog posts...

I had a number of them last year, in preparation for graduation this spring.

I remember well the feeling of being a senior in high started off with this incredible "knowing" that I had finally made it.  I was excited about all the possibilities anddddd, I was incredibly's as if the schedule tripled that year...

By the time we saw the ball drop to begin the new year, it suddenly became clear that I only had a few more months to "get everything in order"...a college to choose, tests to almost felt like two "sides" of myself, just ready to be FINISHED with it all...wanting to just soak up the last months of "fun" and forget the responsibility...and the other side of me fighting to finish well and apply for anything and everything to get ready for my FUTURE...

I have no idea if that's how everyone feels now, but if they are anything like I was, my "future" self would tell them to just breathe and take it a day at a time...People tell you that "these are the best times of your life"...they aren't...don't get me wrong, they are fun, but with an eye on your future, making choices that help define the person you were created to be...the best times will come...and they continue to come because you are always changing.

I've known this family for awhile...I remember when this "guy" was just a kid whose mom had to bribe him to smile in family photos of the past...

He now towers over me and the tables turned as he had to reassure his mom during our time together...because, her "baby" is all grown up...

We had a great time getting onto the field and snapping some photographs that tell "his story" of his years in HS.

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