Anchors Away...

Everyone knows that a baby changes everything...

At the same time, that tiny baby is welcomed into a home that is already established...he or she is a mix of both mom & dad...personalities, silly quirks, likes & dislikes...

Nurseries are set up to reflect those preferences and the hopes of the future.

I think that's why I still prefer to come to a home for newborn photography.  Don't get me wrong, I follow a plethora of newborn photographers who have incredible studios with perfect lighting and props galore...and the poses and styled sessions they create would just knock your socks off...

However, just as each new baby is a unique individual, so are grown ups...and so are grown up photographers as well :)  There is such a story that captivates me when I walk into a new client's home.  Their decor, the colors & furniture...they are in their own element, and on their "turf" and so they aren't stressed with the already fast changing baby they've introduced to the world.

I still travel with a few props and such, but I love to get a sense of the environment in which these newbies will be immersed and it always makes me smile...just to see all the differences in families.

I walked into this family's home to see nautical, peaceful, calming decor...quiet, soft lighting...gentle, comfortable arrangements...therefore it didn't surprise me when I walked into baby girl's nursery to see their love of the ocean expressed in her room as well...

Nor did it surprise me that "grandma" had knitted a special something for her little granddaughter to reflect her family's love :)

And in the comfort of their own home, I try to capture that simple, classic beauty of a new life.

Thank you to the many families that have entrusted me with photographing their sons/daughters...for allowing me the extra snuggles and feeling comfortable with me in their homes for awhile.  It's been a pleasure!

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