Open Hearts=Much Love

My middle daughter is rather's probably because she is her father's daughter...she's quite reserved and definitely more introverted than her hyper mom!  She's not a big talker, but she feels deeply.  Her eyes catch everything and her heart feels even more.  To say that I worry about her the most out of all my daughters is an understatement.  She lets things slide off her back, yes...she's the first to give in and let someone else have their way if it will resolve conflict...she's the one that will sacrifice Christmas gifts to herself so that money can be given to St. Jude Hospital or World Vision.  

Her heart is so tender...

sometimes it's know that she can be hurt quickly...but yet, won't cause a fuss about it.

I don't say all this because I'm here to brag on my daughter...I say it because it matters a lot to me, the people that become her role models...the people that spend large quantities of time with her...because hers is a heart that needs someone insightful as well...who knows how to challenge and push, but not too far...someone who recognizes the depth of compassion in others...someone who in turn, loves unconditionally and gives 100% of themselves as well...

This family is blessed with a mom like that...

She was my daughter's teacher for one year...and my little girl never doubted that she was loved and cared for...she never doubted that she would be listened to and understood...she never feared that she'd be "left alone" because she tends to handle herself just fine & doesn't cause disturbances...

This teacher LOVED...and showed that love day in and day out during the school day...

She now has two little girls of her own...and though it's more difficult now to sacrifice the time away from them for the school day, she does it with that same determination to love on those students with all she has inside!

They are beautiful and fun and energetic!

I know these images will make you smile as well!

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