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When people use the word "meek" I would venture to say that many examples come to mind (all of which are incorrect, but come to mind nonetheless)  Often people think it means weak-minded, timid, shy...and I suppose with what a lot of what our society values today, that's what they would falsely believe.

However, "meekness" is actually a virtue to be desired...

Why? you ask...

Well, first off, the opposite of meek is: obstinate, stubborn, insubordinate, domineering, brash, egocentric, arrogant, pompous and prideful...
(I mean really, what kind of girl wants to hang out with a guy with those qualities?)

The true meaning of meekness is actually: kind, humble..a quiet confidence...a surety of oneself, down-to-earth, demure...

Picture a guy who is confident enough in his own shoes that he isn't bothered by others' immaturity or lack of common sense...He knows what he's good at, knows what he likes, can find the good in others and has a future that is hopeful, knowing that those, whose paths he will cross will continue to build into him the character & potential to which he aspires....and in turn, he takes opportunities to encourage others along the way...

Ben is a guy like that :)

I had fun this past fall just walking around a college campus and into town with him...along the way, a stranger walked up to older gentleman who wanted to "tell a few jokes"...Ben was gracious and we enjoyed the friendly banter...

Many different scenarios could have played out...but, I recognized a maturity beyond his years...and I'm positive the lonely gentleman was as encouraged by ours laughs and attention, as we were by his positive attitude and desire to bring joy to complete strangers!

It was definitely a session I won't soon forget!

            (joke #1: something about a "stool" sample)

(Joke #2: bragging about his "diamond clip" and did we want to see it?)

(Joke #3: fun stories about his grandchildren and wife...would we like to see a picture of his pride and joy?)

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