The Journey of Family...

I did a little play words there...

Sometimes I think I'm just so clever (and then my husband rolls his eyes at me and I realize, I'm not as funny as I think I am) 

You won't "get" my play on words until after you read this post and get to the part about this Momma's blog...and you'll think "oh she is just so clever"...or maybe you'll think, "oh good golly, this poor woman needs help!!!"

Anyhoo...let's just get to the good stuff, okay?  you with me?

Let's begin with the fact that I knew these guys from college...I think...

The truth is, I don't really remember HOW I knew them...We were really trying hard to figure it out while I was taking pictures, but we couldn't figure a time where our paths would have crossed...nevertheless, when this sweet Mommy saw me at a Bible Study a few years back, we both recognized each other immediately and when we exchanged names, light bulbs went off in our heads...

And thus began a continued friendship...

I won't do this family justice by trying to explain all the ins and outs of the journey that they have had...I think she does it best on her blog HERE  It's called a "Joyful Journey"  (did you get my little play on words with the title??)

I'll stop now...thank you

Let me just tell you about my time with them, because I don't think one can spend time with this family without going away feeling good...and I mean really great...they just have that effect on you...

Think of what it would be like to meet people that are just content in their own that seem to naturally enjoy one another and more times than not, think of their siblings BEFORE they think of themselves...I loved how their oldest is just that typical first born...he's a born protector, the "watcher"...and at the same time, he can find such joy in small things...the next one likes to make you laugh...I can't tell you how many times I'd be snapping away and my smile would get bigger and bigger until a laugh came out because of his antics and his attempt at just being silly!  Boy Number 3 will just melt your heart (much like the other two as well)...he gave me some pretty cool knock, knock jokes and had me rolling.  He's lived a LOT of life for only being here for about 6 years...I'm sure his parents would say that he, at times, can have a bit of that beautiful "old soul" in him because of all that he's had to endure in just a short time.  And then comes baby sister...this sweet little pixie knows that she is adored by older brothers...she just knows it!!!  I loved her carefree spirit!

It just comes down to the fact that these kiddos are just amazing...their parents have done such an amazing job of balancing life for them...they've kept the main thing...the MAIN THING!  It's what life is ultimately all about...

I ran into them about a week later, all sitting up front at a high school football game...everyone just glued to the field and having a fun family night out!  THESE are the moments and the relationships that make life worth living...these are the times that you get to cherish for your whole life...

And they know it...they are teaching it to their kids and they are LIVING it day in and day out!

I'm so glad to know them :)


Carrie  – (30.9.13)  

Oh, the tears are flowing; beautiful post. I'm so glad you did our pictures - they are amazing. I am so blessed to know you; so thankful God allowed our paths to cross. Thank you so much!

Tracy J  – (30.9.13)  

these pictures are the best. I love them so much and Toby is KILLING me

Anonymous –   – (30.9.13)  

The pictures are awesome Colleen, as always. I love blog reading so I read the Joyful Journey post you linked. Whew, what a wonderful bunch and amazing story of God's grace, mercy, and power to overcome! This blessed me while I was home having lunch. Thanks for sharing!

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