People joke about marriage all the time...
"the ole ball and chain"
"the old man...the wife"
"the nagging or the constant sports watching"
And I know that every marriage has their "challenges" that they choose to work through...
What I am fortunate enough to see through this "job" that I have, is the opportunity to see marriages that are REAL and healthy.  I can't tell you encouraging that is to me!!!
When you choose to be committed to someone through thick and thin, sickness and health, richer or don't know what the future holds and yet, you have faith that God is going to give you the strength and will to follow through on the commitment that you made. 
When I get to meet people that choose to serve one another, love each other better than they love themselves, forgive when it's not deserved, choose kindness in the's in those moments that I get to see the true definition of LOVE...
It was this way with this family...They eloped in Vegas over a decade ago...they've built a family and a life together...and it is OH SO EVIDENT that they are still as much in love as they were then...
 Thank you for a great evening!!!  I had so much fun!

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