A Year of Thankfulness

I think it so appropriate that the Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us as I take some time to post about this sweet little girl once again.

She born around this time last year and throughout the past 365 days, I've had the opportunity to watch her grow...it started with just her wee little fingers and toes...and then she learned to smile & coo...she started to hold her head up high and scoot her body across the floor...then she started pulling up and gave such a look of accomplishment in what she was able to do...

Now, she's running and exploring and her curiosity takes her everywhere...she is an absolute joy to her parents who relish their time with her...building a family of relationships that are strong and founded on respect, memories of loved ones and genuine love!

I am honored once again to be able to share with you some images of our time together...I have the utmost respect for this family...they have such a wise perspective on life...and because of that, time with them is so enjoyable...they cherish the things that are important and they let go of the things that don't matter very much...I learned from watching them in just the one year that I've gotten to know them...THANKYOU sweet family for letting me share in your life this year!

It's amazing how much they change in such a short time:)

amy –   – (21.11.11)  

I love this Colleen. We are equally blessed and have grown so much in the relationship we've built with you. You are so talented and we appreciate your time, talent and patience with our sweet little girl! :)

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