TEAM Family:)

I will tell you that there is the "teeniest" bit of jealousy that arises in me when I meet moms that have sons. 

Not having any boys, my household is different...we're a house full of princesses and and DRAMA...tears and cuddles...

I spent a weekend with my brother, my sis in law and their boys recently and got to see first hand the "differences"...

And though I am grateful for what God has given me, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that my hubby and I were made to have girls, I do get that little "twinge" inside when one of my nephews comes running at me full force to grab me for a hug...

I met Chrisi at church and her youngest son is close in age to my older girls:)  We had chatted back and forth about pictures and locations and all sorts of things...After a couple of reschedules, we were finally able to solidify a time to meet.

She came prepared to not only showcase her family (for christmas cards and such) but, to show them as they are in real life too:)

When those jerseys came out, I just had to smile! 

It was as if the weather matched the complexity of families in general...We started off with casual, classy pictures...I couldn't have gotten a bad picture, even if I tried...these boys are "dreamy"!!!

And then all of sudden, the sun broke through the clouds and streamed the most beautiful light...

Out came those jerseys and the wrestling began...
However, never have I seen such playful and fun banter between wasn't just "rough-housing" could tell that they just really like each other...they don't "put up" with each other...It was refreshing and FUN and I enjoyed every minute...

Yep...had fun right down to the last second when the youngest guy wanted to show me something related to football? ???  ((let us remember that I have girls okay)))

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