Newborn Delight

As we all were scurrying around during the holidays, eating at our family get togethers, opening presents, constructing our lego cities, sucking on candycanes and choosing which christmas cookie we were going to devour....Christine was bringing forth her most favorite gift of 2010...

Christine and her family moved in next door to us a little over 3 years ago.  In that time, we've not only gained some great neighbors, but a little playmate for my youngest daughter and now, this new sweetness:

I knew her due date was right around the holidays, but none of us expected for this little guy to actually arrive on that exact number!  He was right on time...a little Christmas miracle.

And so, if you live near me, you know that my camera is pretty much attached at my when I found out, I literally ran into their home one morning after the bus...followed right behind the furniture people bringing in some new couches...(don't mind me...I'm just here for the baby!)

Because I am sensitive to mommies (being one myself) I did ask her if I could schedule a time to come snap some pictures of her newest addition and she was thrilled...not so much for the pictures I believe, but her little girl was begging to play with my Little Munchkin (and vice versa) it worked out perfectly.

It had been a hard December for the family...2 of their 3 dogs were gone and it was a sad time...Christine's husband even said, "This little guy is the best thing that happened this month!"  I would agree.

Please enjoy a few more shots here and then be sure to pop over to the facebook page for a larger album of pics!

He was just tickled to be here I'm thinking!
 Such sweetness...couldn't resist that little cap!
 Here are his little eyes wide open...he LOVES to be held...such a cuddler I think he will be!
Thanks again Christine for letting me barge into your home last week:)  I so enjoyed our visit and our little girls hanging out!

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