Calling all MOM Photographers...

I KNOW you are out there!

You are the mom that wants to capture every moment of your child's life because you understand that time doesn't stand want those photos to not only represent a memory, but ultimately you'd love for that image to tell a story on it's own...

So many times we just grab that camera and start clicking away, hoping to get one shot...

Other times, we're purposeful and set up the scene...

Some of us have discovered certain ways to get an angle that we desire...but then what?

If you are anything like me, by the time I figure out what I want and how to get it, I've either lost the moment and/or I don't take the time to figure out all the camera settings necessary to get the perfect photograph...

So what do you do?

I know many of you out there have purchased programs (i.e. Adobe photoshop elements) in hopes of trying to process those images that are special to you, only to become completely overwhelmed and lucky to even figure out how to open up the image in the program in the first place.

This post is for those of you that would like to not only figure out your big, black piece of equipment, but also would like to learn some basics of photoshop so that you can turn ordinary shots into something you can hang on your wall...that will stand alone, to tell the story of that moment in time.

If you are such a person, would you consider the following?  Below I have listed some questions...a survey, if you will.  Would you take some time to answer these questions and reply either in the comments of this blog, or an email or as a message on facebook to me?  I would love to help you get started on the pathway to getting the images that you envision...


1. First off, would you be interested in getting some camera/photoshop instruction? 

2. Number the following in the order of importance to you with regards to instruction.  #1 being most important, #5 being least important.

___Camera settings (shutter speed, aperature, ISO) getting out of AUTO mode
___Photo editing in photoshop elements (contrast, cropping, brightness)
___Photo processing continued (adding textures, grunge, air brushing, etc)
___Digital Scrapbooking and creating wall art with your photos and/or holiday cards
___Composition, setting up your scenes to capture moments

3. Do you learn best with one on one instruction or working in groups? or just online instruction?

4. What is a good time allotment of learning that wouldn't leave you feeling overwhelmed, but would give you enough to feel like you could do it on your own? I.e: a half day workshop or just an hour or hourly sessions over a few week period?

Depending on this feedback, I'd love to provide you with some quality instruction that will allow you to come away feeling empowered with new knowledge and the confidence to make your ideas come to light!

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