It feels like a long time ago when all the little girls played soccer together and sang their little chants...

and it was a long time ago...

Time has passed, life has occurred, those little girls grew into young women.

Sometimes it's challenging for my heart to reconcile the change.  I want to shield and protect, to stamp out hardship and make everything as fun & giddy as it was on that soccer field long ago with their matching socks and bandannas. But in order to mature, life needs to happen...growth happens in the challenges, in the new experiences, in the trials and successes...

There is so much that is ahead, and the closer we come to that "leaving the nest" time, my mom heart has a difficult time taking on the different looks a lot more like a bystander than the driver of the ship.

I may have known Olivia as the wild, crazy and undeniably lovable soccer girlie...but she has grown into a stunning, sophisticated, and yet still lovable woman. 

It was a joy to spend time catching up with her (and her momma).  We were fortunate to grab one of the very last beautiful days of Fall here in Ohio. I know you'll be stopped in your tracks when you see her eyes...they are a window to her soul...and it's beautiful! 

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