FAMILY SESSION: My Buddy and My Girl

I've known them a longgg while...

since, infact, their "little girl" was a newborn!

He's my buddy and she's my girl because I sort of just "adopt" kids that I see year after year. 

As a mom, I have experienced first hand, the "seasons" of childhood.  I remember well the years of picky eating, "MINE", "I do it", no smiles for the camera, giggle fits, silly faces...the list goes on and on.

It's a privilege for me to watch these families go through THEIR seasons too...and then to watch these same children grow and blossom into big children with ideas and "jokes" of their own. 

This session was probably a favorite because I know how much these memories mean to the Momma pictured.  I'm sure she's had her pinterest worthy ideas over the years and then she sees her babies...and THEIR unique story...and the meaning and the memories behind the pictures come into full clarity and she is in awe of the family of which she has been gifted...of which SHE is a gift as well.

They are committed, they CHOOSE joy, they work hard in the small things because they know that they matter for the BIG things.  

It is an honor to know them!!!

p.s. don't miss the last was my buddy's "idea" :) 

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