She shares the name of my eldest daughter and so, she already had me by the heartstrings!

It's obvious from the outward appearance that Maggie is beautiful...the twinkle in her eye, the gorgeous hair, her fashion sense and style...she wore all colors flawlessly...

and while I'm sure that stops people in their tracks...even on my social media feeds, comments were made far and wide that she is stunning and striking...

and I agree...

however, I'd like to point out that the first thing that you see when you meet Maggie, is her smile...

it's not forced or's not there for looks or out of social consideration...

she's genuine.

Something inside her has a happiness that pours from her being...I'm not sure I stopped smiling during our entire session JUST BECAUSE she's THAT delightful!

She chooses to see the beauty all around her and that makes her absolutely endearing!

it's not arrogant or self-focused either...she's "down-to-earth"...and yet, she has this whimsical nature about her that bubbles up and you can't help but be captivated! 

Congratulations Maggie on your Senior Year!  You are marvelous! 

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