FAMILY SESSION: For the love of friends

I think we can probably all agree that friendships...relationships...are what help to form and grow us. 

Quoting Jon Rohn, "You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with"

I struggle to find fault with this statement...

Do you ever find yourself with a bit of twang in your speech after spending time with someone from Tennessee?  

Have I mentioned the Great British Baking Show of which I've been utterly obsessed recently???  I find myself using British words & attempting an accent from time to time, just out of pure familiarity...

The people with whom we surround ourselves are often the ones that influence us the most...

and that is why the friendships that my daughters forge are so very important to me...

It's why I am invested into those relationships, those people and their families...

This family is unique in and of themselves...and at the same time, we share similar values and morals that our daughters were drawn to one another.  They are definitely different in personality, but that makes them all the more fun to watch! 

I am so very thankful for friendships that encourage, that support, that cheer on, that forgive, that offer grace, that bring laughter, that are generous, that are genuine!

We "mommas" like to watch our daughters interact with one another...and we bounce ideas of the "parenting kind" when necessary as well...She's been an encourager and kind, tender cheerleader to ME, just as her daughter has been to mine.

It was a joy to photograph this sweet family...

and I didn't even mind Bear joining in either :) 

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