They've been with me since the beginning...and she's been one of my biggest cheerleaders...not only sending friends to me through the years, but also having her own corporation utilize CT PhotoMemories photography for events/social media pictures. 

I can't wait until next year when our daughters will finally be at the same middle school!  I'm praying now that they'll become fast friends!

I know that "typically" getting family pictures isn't necessarily the highlight of one's day...I know this to be true in my own family...but, I, along with this momma, know that it's worth it in the end...

it's worth it to document this chapter...
it's worth it to carve out time to just be together without distractions...
it's worth it to cuddle & hug & squeeze & walk hand in hand....
it's worth it to block out everything else and focus on one another for 30 minutes...
it's worth it to have your story recorded...

They dress according to the narrative to which they live...and lots of that has to do with OHIO...along with a healthy dose of HAPPY! 

I love them all...I don't have adequate words to express my gratefulness for them over the years...for their trust and unwavering has meant the world to me...they are beautiful gems in this world! 

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