Ohhhhh Lauren...

We had such a hilariously FUN time during Lauren's session...

Most photo shoots start out the same way...people have to get sort of "warmed up" if you will...they need to get used to being in front of the camera, listening to my direction...they need to relax into positions and trust that I'm capturing the BEST of them...

This particular morning, however, I was in a "crazy mindset"...this isn't bad, mind's just that I'm a "tad" hyper...and when you combine that with:

a beautiful Senior who is up for just about anything...

OMGoodness, you had better be prepared...

Her mom had her own camera clicking and was a fantastic assistant as I had Lauren climbing and spinning and at one point, she was doing her best impression of the early 90's poses (scroll down a bit to see her losing it on the porch...I was laughing so hard, I barely had pics in focus!)

We played with the light, the textures, and seriously just had a boatload of fun that morning...You'll be able to tell because neither of us could hold it in and ended up rather slap happy!

Although Lauren has a jovial side that you can't help but join in...she also has a serious and mature nature that has had to navigate some rough waters over the years.  

She is engaging, kind, strong and I have no doubt, has made her parents proud. 

Congrats Lauren...on a fantastic year and all that is to come! 

Kim –   – (7.11.17)  

Colleen, Thank you for such beautiful pictures and making this so fun for Lauren. We loved your energy and creativity. We can't wait for the pictures. Thank you so much!

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