Words to Encourage

We're approaching the weekend...YAY!

There is alot going on in the next few weeks leading up to school starting...which means fall is coming...which means schedules and more activities...

I've thought a lot this week about goals and BEing in the moment and comparison and...well, the list could just go on and on because my brain doesn't ever seem to want to rest for a bit!

Suffice it to say, there are a lot of thoughts going through my mind and into my heart...

It's hard to compartmentalize it all...it feels like it's often a big jumble or pile and I'm constantly sorting through one thing or another...trying to find the connection or the matching sock, if you will...

It's in these times that I need to schedule a block of time...even if it's only 15 minutes...to just settle on something...something encouraging or inspiring...to listen to a sermon or read a few verses...to bring my focus back to what is truly important...

because in my "pile" it feels like EVERYTHING needs my attention RIGHT NOW!

As you head into your weekend...what will be your focus?  How will you, in the midst of the chaos & hecticness of life, be able to settle your heart onto the things that matter most...?

I have started a PINTEREST BOARD of quotes...words that inspire, words that remind, words that encourage...

I hope some of these do that for you as well...

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