College Friend | sister of my heart

She's on almost every page of all my college scrapbooks...

That's because she's been a part of my life for a longggg time!

We may have been an unlikely pair...I'm rather hyper and talkative and sometimes overly sensitive...
She's always been calm, sure, and witty...

Sometimes opposites though, pull people together...she often pulled me out of my focus on what everyone else thought or even on myself and showed me how to BE in the moment!  

She can be spontaneous and go forward with confidence...she made me laugh...a lot
She also was a ROCK during a time in my life that had gone through somewhat of an upheaval

We spent much time together through college trips and activities and then onto being camp counselors...many car rides and crazy adventures filled our days! 

She's now on the mission field in Slovakia with her husband and their new little addition...

Ahh, this adorable red headed family makes my heart smile!

I was OVERJOYED when she contacted me saying that she'd be in the states for a bit and wondered if they could stop by...


With all this "lovely" rain we've been having, I was a tad concerned about our chances at getting some family pictures for them before they returned on their long flight home...but, sometimes, you just do what you've got to do to make it happen...

even if it means photoshopping out some rain drops...and putting toys on your head to make a sleepy little girl think you are the most hilarious thing since Elmo!!!

I love you Sherri!!  You are another "sister of my heart"...thank you for doing LIFE with me for so many years!!! ~Colleen

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