Mentoring Session: Chrissy

Every Photography mentoring session is different.

Every. Single. One.

It's because they are customized to fit the learner...and what they'd like to cover in our time together!

The majority of my mentoring sessions are spent on photography and the camera in general.  It's learning a craft, honing in on specifics...some choose a mentoring session because they have a bit of a handle on the mechanics that I would typically cover in a class setting for a Snapshop, but they want more individualized attention...specific to their vision of their own "life through the lens"...

Sometimes this means going to manual settings and doing a photo walk to discuss lighting situations...sometimes it means getting into the nitty, gritty of lenses and utilizing depth of field & aperture....sometimes it's taking composition ideas and determining through trial and error...

I'm not a business guru, but sometimes it helps to just talk about dreams for a business and bounce ideas off of someone else who may just be a couple steps ahead...and it's time spent getting headshots that will help kickstart an "about me" section as you become vulnerable to the public eye, as you start out on your business venture!

That's what Chrissy and I did during our time was "all of the above" and I'm so excited for her...she has a passion for connecting with people...and that's ultimately at the heart of good photographers...because they find that connection and then showcase those personalities and hearts!

Thank you Chrissy for spending time with me...for taking a leap of faith...You are going to soar!!!

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