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Sometimes I think I must thrive on deadlines and the RUSH of getting things done.

If I'm honest with myself, I probably get bored if I have to take too long on a project.

Which is why when I'm working on redoing my girls' bedrooms when they enter middle school, I find myself staying up late at night and getting up early to get it done FAST!

Perhaps it's just the immediate gratification that I crave?

I do this with editing too...I start working on processing through a family session, but then it reminds me of another person from another session and I switch files...the next thing I know, it's down to the wire and I've got a little bit of everyone's sessions finished, but nothing completely DONE!  Then, it's a race with the clock to finish it all.

Much to my husband's chagrin, "time management" has never been my strong suit...

It's probably a combination of distraction, being in denial about my own efficiency (or lack thereof) and the fact that I'm just not much of a planner...I'm more spontaneous and like things to be FUN!

WHICH is why, when my daughters approached us this summer requesting to be baptized at the beach, my wheels got to spinning...

It's not like I had family and senior sessions, or that daddy was traveling, or that we are down to the wire (again) trying to get them ready for a week of camp, or that we had to be traveling on some weekends...

NOPE...that's just how I roll...let's pile another thing on top of all that, because'll be FUN!!!

And that, my friends, is how I got myself all set to design a t-shirt!...a baptism at the beach t-shirt to be exact!

I've never designed a t-shirt before...

I buy t-shirts...or if I have to, I'll "sew" one...but, I've never "designed" something...

I've got some photoshop skills, but, there are other people more "graphic design" oriented than I that could have completed this "job" in a much cooler fashion than me...

However, we were down to the wire and I was pretty much the only one left in town and not on vacation that could get it accomplished in enough time.

And that's where I found myself last week...completely wrapped up in trying to not only come up with something my own daughters thought was "cool" but also that grown adults would be comfortable wearing AND that was going to have the proper focus...

It came down to 2 designs and our pastor chose the final cut.  This is probably a good thing because my middle daughter and I would have chosen the opposite one, however, he has a better sense of what represents the event...

So here it's simple mind you...but I think it'll look good for pictures (NOT that that is the whole point, but I AM a photographer, so you're just going to have to bear with me on that)

I'll share "actual" baptism pics once I get them all sized and ready to post!

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