FAMILY SESSION: Neighborhood Folks

When we bought our land/house out here on the outskirts (although not for long because lord have mercy, our school district keeps exploding)...I didn't think I'd enjoy it...

It felt really far away from everything...and there are sometimes bugs...and the coyote packs are a little scary...

I'm painting a lovely picture aren't I?

But, what I traded for "ease" or "convenience" and "proximity" was worth it...I gained neighbors and to roam & breathe...the sounds of chickens in the morning and laughter all afternoon and bonfires in the evenings...I gained comradery and friendships...people that watch out for everyone else's kids...who spend time planting and gardening and have time for talks and walks throughout the yards...

There is a history out here...roads named after family members and farm land passed down through the's a land filled with STORIES...and you know that's where I want to belong!

I love this sweet neighbors down the road...with their energetic spirits and contagious laughter...

They are continuing the legacy of family, of their land, work ethic, and adding their own spark to it as well!

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