Frozen Bubbles

School was cancelled for today...

due to the bitter cold...

Although I don't quite understand how these decisions are necessarily made, I'm not just gives me more time to hang with my daughters...

I recently came across old pictures of something we did the last time it was this bitterly cold outside and I thought I'd try it again...

Freezing Bubbles...

Of course, I then realized that the actual bubble container was already FROZEN in the I found another concoction that works better anyway!

We stepped out into the frozen tundra this morning before any wind or snow started swirling (this is key because the bubbles are so fragile that even the slightest breath on them makes them pop before they begin the freezing process)

It's ideal to find surfaces that don't have pokey places...for example, it was more challenging to get the bubbles to stick on a skinny branch with little buds...but we had more success on flat leaves or on our railing.

(be sure to click on settings in the video below and change it to HD so that you can see the crystals more clearly)

Bubble Solution:

1 cup water
2 TBsp dish soap
2TBsp corn syrup
2TBsp sugar

Just put it in a bowl with colored straws for everyone to try...

It sometimes takes a bit to get it going...just be patient and go slowly...

Find a more sheltered area away from even the hint of wind.  We are going to try again as dusk hits...I so wish the sun would have come out behind clouds this morning as I think that would have been amazing...

You can check out more video and pictures on my Instagram HERE

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