INHOME Session: PS I love you

I have some nursery jealousy going on over here.  

I never knew what my babies' genders were before they were born...AND apparently I have no maternal instincts either because I could have sworn they were all going to be boys...

And so...all 3 nurseries were painted BLUE and donned in gender-neutral decor...and I must admit, it was rather boring to say the least.  

At least I think so now, looking back all these years later and see these AHHHHMazing nurseries set up with such  thoughtfulness and care! 

I would have felt VERY comfortable spending inordinate amounts of time in a baby room if it looked like the one I stepped into last week...

It's calming, soothing and gentle...

and that's exactly the type of home they have outside this little nursery too...

Big brother is self-aware, and kind-hearted, polite and an absolute darling little man! 

I know that bringing a 2nd baby into the home rather rocks your world, but Jamie & her hubby have handled it with grace...

I mean, when, at the end of the session, he's making me this delicious "poor-steamed-water-over-freshly-ground-coffee-beans" drink that I can actually drink straight up and LOVE...

ummm, YES, they are doing FABULOUS job with their newest addition! 

AND that's even with a giant goldendoodle in the mix of it all as well!

I was and am impressed on all accounts...I think they make an excellent team and are doing a fantastic job raising these little humans (and goldendoodle :) 

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