Can I tell you a story???

If you've read any of the "about me" sections on this blog, read any of my personal blog'll know that I'm not only a photographer, a lover of "stories" but, I'm all about relationships...

When it comes right now to the nuts and bolts of this journey we call "LIFE"'s about's who you connect with, who you trust, who you open up to, who has your heart...

You know the old saying that "noone says on their deathbed that they wished they spent more time working"...rather, people are always wanting more time with their loved ones...

This is what a family session with CT PhotoMemories focuses upon!

Check out this family below and be sure to check back on Friday for a full post about what a Family Session with me, is all about!!!

This family below live in a house where everyone is encouraged to be unique, to be who they were created to be...and they are accepted and loved how they are, how they come...

I love the freedom they have in their interaction and enjoyment of each other...

I've known these children's dad since the ole college days and I've always appreciated his integrity and genuine compassion for others.  He has instilled that servant's heart into his kiddos as well...and I can't even say enough about this homeschooling mom that does AHHHmazing things not only working with the minds of her kids, but in their hearts as well...


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