Parenting is REAL

Some of you may know that my firstborn is on her school trip this week...very far from home!

She's been away from home camp, or grandparents house...but, it's 8th grade now and now begins the official "letting go"...this maturing...coming into one's own...steady rise to independence...

Ugh, I knew it was's what we've been "training" for all these years...

And there is definitely a part of me that is SUPER EXCITED...because she's becoming a young adult, and I'm watching her struggle her way to conclusions, making up her own mind...

yet, she'll always be my little girl :)

The school is going ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty this week...Technology is bothersome at times, but it's been a simple joy this week.  It's not part of the payment plan, not even included in the trip at all, we aren't entitled to it and they aren't required to do so...but the teachers are posting pictures via social media so that parents can be flies on the wall...some teachers are more tech savvy than others, but it matters not...just knowing they are there safe, learning and enjoying themselves as a whole...the little snippets I get of my girl are these sweet bonuses, icing on the cake if you will :)

We text each other each morning once she gets on the bus and then she'll give a goodnight text or maybe check in on her sisters during the day...but all in all, I just want her to be IN the moment there...because, let's face it, this is big thing in her life right's a milestone (not to mention celebrating your birthday in the Nation's Capital)

This parenting thing is REAL...sometimes I pinch myself thinking that I've been entrusted with these lives...For the first 18 years of their lives, their dad & I have this incredible responsibility to discipline, guide, hold back, push forward, demonstrate respect, exemplify integrity, chip away at their selfishness and at the same time build up their show them the value of WHO they are lies not in what they do or who they know or what they look like, but rather in the Who they belong to and the heart & soul of their being.

I've met way over 100 new families in the past years doing photography...everyone in different seasons of life...all giving it everything they've truly is the most important "job" we'll ever have!!!

Each year, I am amazed at this family as well...not just the respect & obedience they get from their boys, but the genuine enjoyment they get from being's not a hassle, nor do the kids come begrudgingly... (I'm sure there are times for those things...we ARE all human, and noone is perfect ;) ) but, my experiences with them over the years have always been pleasant and fun!

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