All grown up

My typical family sessions seem to revolve around little arms & legs, swinging on daddy's arms, playing peek-a-boo and playing chase...

It's a sweet reprieve for my 40 year old knees to "hang" with older "kids"...

You never stop being a parent...your kids, are always your kids, whether they are 4 or 40.  How you interact with them changes, however.  I'm increasingly curious to watch how moms/dads "parent" their adult children.  It's a unique blend of friendship, honor, respect and a big dose of grace & laughter!  

I appreciated the value this family placed on investing in time together for capturing these fleeting moments in time...gone are the days of pacifiers and bribery to smile for a camera...and in it's place comes a comfortable ease of just BEing...

It hurts my heart to even think about the whole "babies leaving the nest"...but, that is our job as teach them independence and pursue the dreams & purpose for which they were created...and we hope and pray that they will "fly home" we can all soak in the "togetherness"

This family has that figured out...and it's a joy to see!

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