My Nephew is COMING SOON!!!

I remember when Rachel was born...I was almost 12 years old and my mom was up packing my lunch that morning...stopping every 5 minutes or so to sort of grab the wall and breathe in and out slowly...she was in labor, but by golly she was going to make sure that the other 3 kids were all taken care of before she went and had her baby...

She came out with dark, curly hair...if she would have been blonde, she would have been named Heather...but the dark hair deemed her Rachel...

Oh how my brother and I doted on sessions galore and "taught" her all sorts of things!
And here she having a wee one all her own...

This little baby will be the "baby" of all the grandkids on our side of the family you KNOW he's gonna get spoiled!!!  And we are all excited to meet him sometime in July!!!

Brian and Rachel were thrown a shower at their church recently...and whenever you get my mom on board with a "thing"...well, you know you're going to end up with everything coordinating and perfected...down to the last little details...

We weren't disappointed!!!  Mom sewed and organized and "pinterested" everything...and the ladies and friends at church helped ever so much to make this such a memorable event!!


(I had to throw in my mom's 'cheese owl' for fun!)

It all added to the excitement of the journey of pregnancy!!!  
Can't wait to meet my little nephew!!

Unknown  – (6.5.14)  

Oh my goodness, what a sweet shower! And what exciting news. I just love everything about this post! Congratulations to your sister, and I hope that everything goes really well for them xo

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