Anyone Tired of Snow yet?

Remember when the temperature was above zero?

Remember when your face didn't hurt when you went outside?

Remember when the tires of your car stayed inflated and you didn't have to drive up to Costco and park in front of the garage and wait until someone came out because your hands were already frozen to the steering wheel and then they would come and put air in your tires for you and you thanked God you lived in a world where air was free, but questioned why you lived in a place where your face hurt when you went outside?

Okay, so maybe you aren't "struggling" with the cold as much as I am, but regardless, I'm missing the energy of warmer weather...the part of the year when you get outside and get to be WITH people!

This family was one that I loved BEING with...I've known them since the 'ole college days.  She's always been beautiful...she hasn't really changed...NOPE...not one bit...and to top it off, she really is the whole package!  She's confident and hilarious...she's loving and generous...she knows how to pull a prank, but will walk a mile in your shoes with you too!  I LOVE when I get a call asking for me to photograph her family once again!

Personalities just seem to appear in every image...(you'll see what I mean in a moment)...

The amazing thing is that although perhaps personalities stay relatively the same, there is a change that occurs in everyone through time...I know, I know...I JUST said that she hasn't changed a bit...and she hasn't in that "personality" sense...but I would venture to say, that hearts have grown wiser and bigger with love for family...boys don't just get taller, but over time you see little glimpses of wisdom and maturity gleaming in their for each other either grows or wanes, it doesn't just stay's that ebb and flow of life...and I am privileged when I get to just capture a few moments, so that it stands you can look back and remember and see how far you've come...and know the hope of the future as well!

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