Saying Goodbye

I remember the home that we built when we first got married.  We brought our first two daughters home to that house...I made my first meal there, I learned how to sew in that house, I watched 9/11 happen on TV while sitting in the bedroom of that home...

I know that home is where the heart is...but, there will always be something special about the "place" too...being a photographer, the "visual" is what triggers a memory...So, while the actual building does not hold the "heart" of people, it can definitely conjur up the feelings pretty fast...

When a sweet friend knew she'd be shutting the door to her home for the last time, she asked me to come commemorate their time together...She had it all planned, down to a picnic breakfast on the floor of their empty great room...the last kiss out the door to run to the bus...the waving goodbye...

and closing the door on that chapter of their lives...

These are just a few of the pictures we took...Their kiddos will look back and remember "growing up" first in that house...they'll remember that address and the fun they had and will pass down stories of the "fun times" to their own kids someday...

Angie...I KNOW that you have such incredible memories YET to make...I know it was sad to leave...but the beautiful future you have in front of you is already ya!!!

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