Memory of Leaves

I can't believe that in just 2 weeks, the beautiful colors and plethera of leaves have been blown away...I know that compared to the destruction done on the east coast, that my sorrow over a loss of a few leaf piles is pathetic...and I do not try to make a comparison by any means...

At the same time, it's images like the following that make me realize how quickly time flies and how you never know what tomorrow can bring...

I ventured over to this family's backyard where trees and toys were in abundance...How could it not be with TWO sets of TWINS!!!  Yep, you read that correctly...

Can you imagine being first time parents and discovering you were having twins?  I'm sure there was a bunch of joy and anticipation...followed by exhaustion and probably more than few moments of being overwhelmed once the sweet boy and girl arrived...

BUT......can you picture having twin toddlers in diapers only to discover that round two (times 2) was on their way again??? 

These parents keep a GREAT sense of humor and have such a passion to make memories for their kids...they understand that sometimes, sure,  it's about survival and making sure everyone has socks and shoes on for heaven's sake...but, they do an excellent job of making sure they not only take it in stride, but stop and enjoy the moments...they know that the time passes by quickly...and you'll never regret just taking time to BE with each other!!!




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