Poison Ivy....it was worth it:)

Crazy post title huh? Well...believe it or not...even though I've been itching and using bleach, alcohol, tecnu, and even deoderant to rid myself of the awfulness of poison ivy that I managed to contract while positioning myself in crazy locations for a photo shoot...the pictures we got were well worth the "uncomfortable-ness" for a few days:) I'm here for you people:) 

We had been rescheduling this shoot for nearly a month...it seemed liked everytime we were on our way to the park to get some "cousin time" action, the heavens would open up and just dump rain on us...so much so, there were times I couldn't even see out the windshield...

However, we finally found a day and we made it worth while!!

I think there is much truth to the saying that "Cousins are those childhood playmates that grow up to be forever friends" It was very evident with this family :)

The two sweet girl-cousins loved being "twinnies" at the end of our shoot...They had to get on their matching shirts and everything!

I love how they just all work together and genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other!

This is what family is all about...how incredibly fortunate these sweet kids are to have parents that go from a sibling childhood to an adult friendship..where they make the time and effort to make sure that their kids make those heart connections that will follow them through their growing up years as well. 

I feel so honored to have been able to meet these sweet kiddos...and their sis-in-law moms who not only make time for the kiddos to get together, but time for themselves together as well:)  What an awesome family!!!

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