Everytime I have a photo session with a senior girl, my heart feels like is squeezes in my chest...

It's because I have DAUGHTERS...and I watch these senior girls through my lens and I am reminded that I'm just a mere 8 years away from my eldest girl being in this same position...

I'm so thankful that the clients that seek me out, are ones that aren't just in it for a pretty picture...they are people that cherish memories, just like me...they want the experience to remember...they enjoy letting their personality shine through...

It's in THOSE moments, that you get the images that will stay with you forever...

I so enjoyed my morning with Megan and her mom...(and her little sister:)

She had such fashion sense and knew what to wear in the right environment...and then she let me capture different sides of her personality. 

We went to multiple locations...and we hit the light at JUST the right time...oh my goodness, this might be one of my all time favorites:)

Time went by so quickly, but we raced downtown to get just a few more pictures with a different feel and fun textures...

Thank you ladies for a wonderful morning!  Megan, you are beautiful!!!

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