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SnapShops for MOMS! (and Dads)
You did it! You bit the bullet…you invested a good amount of money into a “big” camera. You know the types of pictures that you want…you know that sometimes those point and shoots miss the action b/c the clicker just doesn’t CLICK when you tell it to…In your mind you can see the images that you want to capture, and like many of us, you are willing to go to a certain point to obtain what you want…

The problem is that you get this camera and sure, the pictures are better than before…but you’re shooting hundreds of pictures…you’re trying the continuous shutter so that you don’t miss a thing but STILL…you’re getting a good shot MAYBE every once in awhile and even those aren’t those “frame-worthy” ones that you were envisioning in the first place.

So, what’s the deal? The deal is that you purchased a piece of equipment and until your knowledge and know-how starts to equal what that equipment is capable of, you’re only going to get “lucky” with your pictures instead of capturing moments deliberately!

It’s like buying a computer, but not knowing how to get into the internet. The computer looks great, the screen is large, you can type on Word and build your budget in Excel, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to connect to cyberspace…that would take some extra effort…a little more investment…however, once you get that router and you’ve got yourself some WiFi…goodness, you are off and running and there’s nothing stopping you!

It’s the same with a DSLR camera. Your camera has LOTS of buttons and crazy-exciting things that it can do. And maybe some of you HAVE spent the time, you’ve TRIED to sit and read through that long manual only to be baffled by big words and wondering, “what is really important here?”

I’ve been there! As a Mom who savors her time and moments like gold…I don’t want to waste it…but, I also don’t want to miss it b/c I didn’t bother to learn some tools to help me grow in order to capture it forever!

SnapShops are for YOU…those of you who have the equipment and just need the “know-how” in order to use it to it’s fullest capability…you just need a new perspective and a refresher on the philosophy of photo-journalism…so that you can document your life and the lives of your children in a way that tells the story of your life instead of just bits and pieces, here and there.

SnapShops are 4.5 hours long…you learn my philosophy of photography and capturing your children’s personalities…you learn how to look at life through a lens and how to focus in on important things and also how to dance between the bigger picture and zooming in close…you learn new angles and perspectives, shortcuts and ways to use your MOM-time efficiently and still get the pictures you want…you also learn about the mechanics of your camera…how to get it off auto and get the blurry backgrounds, not have to use a flash indoors so that you get a natural feel instead of blown out faces and begin to find out just what your camera can do!

Snapshops are only a minimal monetary commitment compared to the invaluable amount of knowledge you take away with order to be a photojournalist for your family!

Class sizes are limited...Ohio Snapshops cap off at 14...Michigan Snapshops caps at 10...

What you receive:

*4.5 hours of instruction including question/answer time with the instructor
*Detailed Class Notes with exercises to practice at home
*spiral bound, color printed, 20 page quick guide booklet for your camera bag
*light lunch and snacks
*a custom made camera strap slip cover to fit your DSLR camera strap

Investment: $125

Minimum class size is 5 people.

Classes are first come, first serve and are offered during the following dates/time for the remainder of the 2011 year. Act fast by contacting Colleen via email at for inquiries and/or to put in a reservation. A $25 non-refundable deposit is due 2 weeks prior to the class to secure your spot. You may pay in full, and if you are unable to attend, you will be refunded your full amount minus the deposit.

***pricing has changed over the course of past months due to increase in time to benefit learners and costs of extras that are provided in this one-of-a-kind type workshop***

2011 Schedule for SnapShops

Sunday, August 21th 1-5:30pm Delaware, Ohio

November (TBA) Woodhaven, Michigan

***possible Sept or Oct date may be scheduled, and would be held on a Sunday afternoon***

See HERE for information on the CLICK IT classes as well!

Don't just take my word for testimonials HERE

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