There is simply something to be said for working really hard for something and having it turn out just feel good...

These little cuties had me workin' hard recently.  This is what I love about family photo two families are alike...I'm never bored and I never know who I"m going to meet or what I'm going to have to do to get the shots that I want:)

Big brother was Mr. J Crew...he had poses and stances and he was workin' the camera for me...

Little Miss had a different idea all together...fortunately, Mom brought along some "props" to hold her attention...I made some faces, made some "noises" and acted quite...ummm...I'm not sure there is a word to describe it...all this to get this princess to not put her hands over her sweet face:)  I don't have to have kiddos looking at me for pictures...I know Moms and Dads like that, but sometimes the best pictures are ones that just capture a personality or a moment...turns out that we were able to get a little of both:)

But, it was GREAT to see her laugh and smile and show me her whole face:)

 And they even compromised with me so that I could get them together for at least one shot for Mom:)

Yep...because after that...THIS is what she thought about my idea of getting together again...

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