This Little Guy has some COOOOL parents!

I had a really neat time taking photos of this little guy! 

He kept me runnin' and on my toes, but we sure did have a great time...not to mention, that his parents let him do this:

Yes, that is a big ole mud puddle...YEEHAW, he had some fun in that! 
He splashed and danced:

He got his hands right in it:

Yep, I've got to say, he has some pretty cool parents...

Not just because they let him do that, or that Daddy is just sooooooo fun:

Or because Mommy has the sweets for him (I mean, who could resist)

Or because you can tell that they just love him to bits and enjoy every moment just being with him.

But, Mommy and Daddy love each other quite a lot too...and I'm thinking that makes all the difference in the world!

Thanks guys for letting me shoot my big camera in your face for awhile...hope you enjoy this little sneak peak of your pics!

Dee Dee Ball  – (26.9.09)  

Those parents are just too cool! Looks like big fun!

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