SENIOR SESSION: Tara Class of 2017

The countdown has begun...

I guess it began awhile ago, but we are so, so close to the finish line now...

In little over one month, all those Senior guys and gals that I met this past Summer & Fall will be graduating and stepping out on their own...It's daunting, this knowledge that at the ripe age of 18, they will make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives...

You've heard me tell of my own daughters and how I see that "finish line" ever looming...Tune in Friday for my first I believe of many tales of college visits and my thoughts surrounding the experience...

I took Tara's brother's senior pictures...I remember well his gentle kindness, within a strong exterior...Tara carries herself in a similar way, with strength and confidence. 

She too, has had to travel through some very difficult waters...I sometimes marvel at the character of those that have had to carry is not for the faint of heart...

Tara seems to pour herself into her dance, into her passions...and as books are to me, there is a beautiful comfort in things that seem to mesh with our being as no other things can...

I look forward to seeing all that Tara becomes...She is a natural beauty with high ideals and a tenacity that will carry her..


Unknown  – (11.4.17)  

I think you captured both Liam and Tara perfectly. Thank you so much!

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