7 TIPS for taking pictures of your Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter is just around the corner.  My daughters are getting older so that ways that we used to celebrate aren't so much the same anymore...

think: waving palm branches whilst singing to Donut Man videos and playing with the felt board...

I can't even say that we've done huge amounts of Easter Egg coloring in the past 2 years...I think we've still colored SOME of the eggs, but not to the extent that we used to...

And so, I'm REALLY thankful that I have these pictures of those special moments when my girls were younger...their concentration and creative ideas...the hunt and the special Easter dresses...

I want to share with you some practical tips for taking pictures during this Easter season that will be helpful...especially in the future years, when your kiddos start growing up and not "needing your help" so much and the younger things are put away for future generations...

7 TIPS for taking pictures of your Easter Eggstravaganza

1. TILT your camera if you need more room to fit everything in.  I tend to do this a lot...for some reason, I can't always fit everything I want into a frame without having to back up & then I lose the 'emotion' I was after...therefore, I just tilt my camera a tad to make sure I get everyone in and still fill the frame with my girlies...

 2. Capture their FOCUS.  This means watching and waiting and NOT interrupting their concentration.  It also means having your camera AT THE READY for when you see the moment happening.
 3. Get a Close up of the EGGS.  It can be the whole set of eggs or just one that they want to show you.  You don't always have to make them "pose" with the egg, just move right in there and get their hand on it.  It makes those albums in Facebook less monotonous and it helps to give everyone (and your future self) a view into their creations.

 4. Shoot Down on the Scene.  I think we often forget that we can MOVE our bodies while taking pictures.  You don't only have to "shoot down" on your plate of food for Instagram...you can shoot down on all sorts of action.  Get the tops of their heads or all the cups of food coloring...Climb up on a chair or even the table to get high enough to capture the whole scene.
 5. Capture the HUNT.  Again, you have to have your camera at the ready so that you are catching your kiddos in the action. Try not to make them stop or "show you" what they are doing...but rather, chase after them, get down on their level, use negative space or even tilt your camera to fit it all in.

 6. Don't forget their Sunday best. This is one you won't forget, but I felt it necessary to put it in there just in case.  When they get all dressed up, snap a quick photo of them...before they are begging to get out of the shoes after the service...Depending on where you live when Easter arrives, it could still be cold, or it could be pleasantly warm...regardless, be sure to get a picture of them all posed and pretty for just one shot.

7. Capture their HAPPINESS!  Just like you were looking for that focus and concentration...be watching for the moments of pure joy...it may be on the hunt or when they open their baskets...it might even be a big hug from daddy.  Be sure to show REAL joy and laughter, as it comes bubbling out.  This is a SPECIAL holiday in which to celebrate...and though in this world there is STILL trouble and sorrow...there is HOPE...

Catrina  – (10.4.17)  

Great tips! Thanks Colleen!! Can't wait to use what I've been learning from you this Easter.

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