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I shared recently some of my favorite images from 2015 (if you didn't see it, you can watch HERE)

Although CT PhotoMemories is a huge part of who I am, it isn't my "everything"...that title belongs to my God, my family and my close friends...For those that are new to "Me" this year, you can read about my background & personal stories HEREHERE and HERE!!!

However, I thought I'd share a few highlights from my 2015 year.

I want to preface with this...with the hope of being real & transparent...because CT PhotoMemories isn't just about making things pretty & happy...it's about being real, authentic and cultivating relationships that matter!!!

Social Media can be a blessing and a curse.  I think we often fool ourselves into thinking that what others post is their 100% reality...please don't be fooled by that...you (and I) are much more than what we post for others to see...

I don't readily post my laundry, dirty dishes, arguments with my teenager, dinner disasters, financial worries or the sometimes sleepless nights because I can't get my brain to turn off...but rest assured, they are there...behind the scenes...

And though those "things" aren't the best side of me, I am very fortunate to have a spouse & family that weather through those "opportunities/challenges" with me...we "walk carefully...not as unwise, but as wise" (at least to the best of our ability!)

I say all that because I DO enjoy the "pretty & the happy" and it's in the viewing of those captured moments that I recognize just how much the journey is worth!!!

I'm looking forward to another fantastic year in 2016!!!

But, before we go full steam ahead, I want to reflect on some fun moments from last year!!

Each January 1st at 12:00, we set the timer and capture the moment! This was January 1, 2015!

We actually HAD snow last year...and the girls and I took advantage of it!  

We had a fun visit from my newest nephew!!!

My oldest ended her soccer career wtih a bang!

My middle school girls rocked their photo shoot!

While the older girls were at camp, the youngest and our besties enjoyed Mackinac Island and lots more fun up north!

The first day of school for all my girlies...

My "sibling rivalry" is brought to the forefront in our yearly competition for the "crown"!  We met up Labor Day weekend in 2015 to compete! You can see more pictures HERE

We never miss our fall activity of apple picking or trick or treating in our country bumpkin way!

Having over 30 trees in our yard, we are never at a loss for leaves to play in, in the fall.
This same sweetie had quite a traumatic even happen last fall..that left me free falling...you can read about that HERE

Since soccer wasn't an option any longer for our eldest, she found a new love in tennis!

You can see all our "christmas festivities" HERE...

I'm so thankful for my family...for my husband who, although we both continue to change in our unique ways, still is committed to cultivating our ways to relate, communicate & grow together...for my daughters who each bring their own unique personalities to make our family adventurous, fun and full of LOVE!

thank YOU for trusting me to capture moments for YOUR family...remember to keep these moments in perspective...don't take them for granted...forgive often...offer grace even more...

I'll see YOU very soon!!!

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