What Goes Through a Photographer's Mind before a Photo Shoot

Do you ever wonder what other people are thinking when you meet them?

Has anyone seen the movie Inside Out?  I know, it was such a middle school girl flick...but, having all princesses...WE LOVED IT!!!

I tend to "think" with my emotions half the time anyway...so it was totally relate-able!

So, I thought I'd let you in on what is going on in my head from the moment I leave my house, to meeting a family or senior at a photo session location, through the session and then coming home...

Disclaimer: please note that these are completely random thoughts that go through my brain...and you should also know that although I have had this business for over 6 years now, I STILL get butterflies everytime I head to a new session...

Welcome to my own INSIDE OUT...

"I better check the weather again just to be sure everything is okay."
"It says 40% chance of rain, but yesterday it said 0% and there was a tsunami in my backyard!"
"I hate making decisions"
"I wonder if I have enough gas in my van"

"I really hope there isn't poison ivy growing anywhere near where we're going today"
"Did I eat dinner?"
"what shoes can I wear that won't hurt my feet, but that I can climb in the water if I need to?"
"What shirt can I wear that will cover the amount of perspiration that WILL occur while I'm running around like a crazy person...oh hey, I"ll just load up on perfume!  woohoo!"
"Am I hungry?...seriously, when did I last eat?"

"Did I remember my camera?"
"Does my camera have a card in it?"
"Where did I put my wallet?"
"I really hope they like me.."
"Did I bring a ponytail holder?"
"I really hope it doesn't rain..."
"I've got a 15 minute drive and my adrenaline is pumping...who can I call???"

"I've got to remember to STOP taking pictures, they don't want to be here all day...holy cow, they are beautiful!"
"My niece & her friends are going to go CRAZY when they see this senior pic!"
"don't trip, don't trip, don't trip"
"it's just a snake, it's nature, don't scream...deep breaths...it's going to be okay"
"my blood must be sweet cuz these mosquitos are LOVING me"
"I really hope they can't tell that I'm sweating like a pig, but I don't even care because THE PICTURES!!!"
"I have too many ideas and my brain won't stop...one thing at time, girl...don't start talkin' crazy!"
"I really hope they don't think I'm too weird..."
"Am I always this talkative?"

"now THAT is why I LOVE photography"
"Thank you Jesus for calling me to this!"
"I just met some more kindred spirits"
"I can not wait to get these pictures on the computer to post!"
"I think I deserve a Starbucks!"

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