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By now, if you've followed me for at least a little while, you all know that I have daughters...

This alone has contributed to my roller coaster of emotional outbursts and extroverted "crazy" that I like to call ME!

You've heard me wonder at times what it would be like to have a son...you've heard me lament over "meangirls" and middle school drama...but mostly you've heard my tales of our "princess household" and our King of the castle (my hubby/their daddy)

I think I'm drawn to Senior Sessions with girls because it gives me a glimpse into my own future.  

I don't mean to be selfish or self-centered in my thinking...I just watch these 18/19 year old gals, embarking on womanhood and my heart does flip flips...

The excitement and the arrival of this independence is breathtaking...at the same time, there is a bit of sadness that encompasses me with the realization that they have become their own individual...yes, the "needing" of mom & dad has changed over time and it's been a slow process...but, still, it sometimes just hits me...

Emily is kind, thoughtful, compliant and casual...She's incredibly easy to be around..no pretenses...she is comfortable in her own skin and that makes her someone that causes others to feel at ease...

She's a reader and finds beauty and joy in exploring those others worlds & characters...it broadens her horizons and often allows her to have a deeper understanding & insight on those with whom she comes in contact.  

Senior sessions aren't just for taking glamour shots and model photographs...it's about capturing a personality as these gals/guys embark on their journey into adulthood...it's a time to showcase the many facets of WHO they are and to focus in on those strengths and personalities that will become their comfort and foundation from which they will pull as they journey into that big, unknown world!

Congratulations Emily on entering this graduating year!  I have no doubt that you will bless those with whom you come in contact and bring smiles to everyone along the way!  ~Colleen

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