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Does anyone remember that "free mini session" contest I ran for the month of July?  

I don't typically offer mini's mainly because I love people too much to just snap a quick 15 minutes and say extroverted self can't handle goodbyes already, let alone not be able to invest some time into figure out their "story"...

Therefore, when I "say" free mini kinda went longer...and I didn't mind one bit...I like being able to offer fun contests every once in awhile...if I can work it in to bless someone or "pay it forward" for all the blessings I've received, I'm happy to oblige!

The momma who won the session decided on just showcasing her 3 little princesses...and you KNOW this was right up my alley!

By the end of our time together all of them were performing their special acts for me and we even coerced some giggles out of 'Miss Serious Baby'...

My heart was probably drawn most to the firstborn (being one of those myself) just came naturally for her to mother and nurture her younger sisters...

and it always does this "mommy heart" some good to see that love being instilled in others...

They ended up with a full gallery...filled with dances and giggles and doing the splitz...

I look forward to hopefully seeing them again in the future!

Lucinda Head  – (13.8.15)  

I may be biased but these are the three cutest girls in the universe, and to be photographed looking like the angels they aren't is AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous –   – (13.8.15)  

Beautiful pics! Love Lucinda's comment (I'm guessing she's "Mom").

Unknown  – (13.8.15)  
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Lucinda Head  – (14.8.15)  

I'm the greatest aunt!! And I've nannied 54 kids who I've loved, but honestly these girls are the cutest!! Ever!

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