Family Time at the Park

It's got to be daunting to show up at a location, not having met the person that is going to be IN.YOUR.FACE. with a plan to invest money, time, energy and basically bribe your kiddos to "pleasesmileforthecamerasowecangogeticecreamandnothaveabreakdownhereinthepark", maybe not everyone feels this way, but, I almost feel like I would if I were in your shoes...My girls are all different personalities...and when they were younger, oh my goodness, each one of them were unpredictable...

would they be shy?
would they start to cry?
would they obey and cooperate?

My goal during a session is to let YOU be the same time, I'm not just sitting back and forcing you to come up with your norm to photograph...I become an active participant...(this is why I may come in jeans or I've been known to walk through mud or rivers, climb trees and roll in the grass) 

I know this is a little "out of the comfort zone" for some...and therefore, I want to make it the best experience possible for your family!

These twin girls were different as night and day...and we wanted to showcase their personalities...differences & alike-ness

I loved their energy, the playfulness, the BEing...Mom & Dad caught on fast that it's about capturing moments, not just a smile... 

and yet, those still came out ;) 

Tom and Kim Sipes  – (26.8.15)  

Spot on description! Captured beautifully!

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