10 of My Favorite Things...{SEEing ME}

I thought you'd enjoy this memorable song...

Not sure why I'm in the mood to share some of my Favorite Things...
and I can pretty much guarantee it won't be the last...because my tendency towards A.D.D. causes me some distraction and therefore my favorites change...constantly...

But, here it goes for now:

1. White Chocolate Creamer:  I like a splash of coffee with my creamer and this is my "creamer" of choice...and if I'm at Starbucks then I'm pretty much having something with white chocolate in it...maybe a little cinnamon combo or some java chips added if it's a frappuccino !
2. Making things out of whatever I have in my basement | I'm choosing, at this moment, to focus on the positives of being a basement hoarder...I'm coming to terms with the fact that my right-brain-ness causes a bit of stress on our family because I'm rather unorganized and somewhat haphazard...HOWEVER, it makes for GREAT FUN when one needs to redo one's middle daughter's bedroom and all one has to do is go to the basement to find paint, brushes, wood pieces, glitter, canvases to repaint...it's like an artist's haven!

3. Books AND LIBRARIES and BOOKSTORES and...ummm, basically WORDS in general
I don't have a lot of time to read in the fall which is really a bummer because it's heavenly to sit on the patio after the girls head off to school and sip my warm creamer with a splash of coffee whilst getting lost in the pages of a good book.  

I don't have any great book lists for you at the moment, but I'm writing that down for a later date...hmmm

4. The Wet Brush | thank you Jesus for inventing the Wet Brush...because it is wonderful...I don't need to spend countless amounts of money on detangler sprays, nor do I need to spend hours getting out knots in my daughters' hair...and I must say that when said daughters offer to brush MY hair with this brush, it's like a scalp massage and I'm a goner...

5. Apples & Krema Peanut Butter | this is my go to treat nowadays...In my attempt to get just a tad healthy, but knowing that my time is limited with regards to exercise (thus I enlisted myself in the use of the fit bit to at least track my steps) I'm trying to focus on snacks other than Lays potato chips and the Mackinac Island fudge that is still sitting on my counter...

Enter KREMA and Apples...oh my deliciousness!  and if you talk to me about fat content I'm just going to stick my fingers in my ears, "la la la la la"...because...PEANUT BUTTER!!!

6. 30th Anniversary Cheesecake | just nevermind the fact that I told you I wanted to be a bit more healthy because I could NEVER.EVER give up cheesecake...heavens...and this one is THE BEST one...you can argue all you want (and really, if it's cheesecake, how can it be wrong?) but THIS one is my fave!

7. Pride & Prejudice | I have yet to find another movie that I love so dearly than this one...it's classic, romantic, adventurous, meaningful, pretty...it's about sisters...I love it!

8. Candles | I love candles...although I do have a love/hate relationship with them...I adore the spice, autumn, harvesty smells...but those aren't the best in the summer time...which is another reason why I'm excited for fall...I get to pull out my nutmeg & cinnamon candles to make my home smell warm and cozy...

9. My Nikon d800 with the Sigma Art Lens 50/1.4 | This is my baby...and it's the lens that is on my camera about 90% of the time...If I can have it with me, it's there...nothing else to say about that :) I probably should have listed it number one, but it's late as I'm writing this and I got distracted by the song ;) 

10. Instagram | my husband thinks I'm nuts with this one...he doesn't really "get" instagram...he's more of a "twitter" kind of guy...I get it though...but Instagram was made for people like me...PICTURE people...ohhhh the joy of scrolling through the one shot beauties of life...when I hide in the bathroom from my girlies sometimes have a few spare moments each day, I use the time to sift through all those beautiful images...

and if you don't follow ME on Instagram, I'd so love for you to join me THERE

Okay, so those are some of my favorite things...I'm absolutely positive that I'll have more in the coming days...so be sure to come back and see me here on the blog for updates! 

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