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We had another class today!

I call them Snapshops (it's sort of a cross between taking a "snapshot" and taking a "workshop")

I like words...I'm crazy like that...

Being the extrovert that I am, it also means that I am energized by people...therefore, everyone else is asleep in my home, whilst I am still on a "people high", waiting for my brain to just settle into a restfulness...

don't worry, it should only take until a little after midnight or so...

Why do I teach these types of classes?

How funny you should ask...hmmm...let's see if I can sum it up in a lengthy blog post (all these words ought to bring my adrenaline down just a bit)

You'd think that I wouldn't want to teach other people how to do what I do...wouldn't I be teaching myself OUT of a job?...a job that we created so that I could get my "camera toys" but still be at home with my girls and save money for their college & weddings someday (well, and maybe pay a few bills along the way as well as the regular stuff like groceries and shoes)

Yes, in some cases some of my Snapshop Grads have gone on to document the lives of their families in such a way that they don't "need" me as often..but to be honest, it's really about the "story" of everyone's own, individual's not all about me!

If I may get a little "philosophical" here for a sec...

We are never given any guarantees on life...just because we do A and B never guarantees C...We sometimes FEEL like it does, like we have some control in the matter, but we don't.  I know this to be true because it's the life in which I grew up...

The opposite is also true...sometimes you can do X and Y and end up with this amazing C...and that doesn't always seem "fair" least to those on the outside...while those that get C are just so incredibly humbled and grateful for the undeserved blessing.

The point is never a guarantee and therefore, I want to be able to be content and enjoy the moments that I am given, however they come...and because I've had moments feel as though they've been "taken" from me, in a sense...I tend to value the "story" of life...however long characters are allowed to play a part in my story...however long the settings stay familiar...however long the seemingly insignificant moments are allowed to be played over and over again...

Photography isn't JUST about the mechanics...

The technical aspects ARE important.  Why would you spend all that money and invest the time & energy researching for a "fancy" camera only to never use it anywhere close to it's capacity.  And, did you know that cameras can't really "SEE" what you see?  They don't know that what you see in your viewfinder is a precious little girl who loves to twirl in her princess dress on a sunny afternoon.  It only measures light...therefore, if you let the camera do all your "thinking" for'll never consistently get the shots you envision...because there is a "technical" way to achieve the image...

HOWEVER, the 2nd part to that, is no matter how much of the mechanics you understand...if you aren't looking for a story to tell...if you aren't aware of how to capture a moment in a way that showcases an emotion, a relationship, a memory...then you're just getting a wonderfully exposed, super crisp, in focus picture of everyone saying CHEESE!

THAT IS WHY my Snapshops are half day workshops...because I want to help moms (and dads) be able to "see life through the lens" first...You are the only ones with your kiddos 24/ get them at their best (and their worst) EVERYDAY!  You are the ones that have the insight on how to 'tell the story' of their lives...THEN, once you have a grasp on those concepts and tips, you can move into the mechanics of the camera in order to tell your camera exactly what you want it to do!

I spent the first 7 years of my first daughter's life not having a clue how to work my camera.  I missed telling a lot of her "story"...she has lots of pictures...yet, they are lacking in some ways that I wish I could go back in time now.

So why do I teach these classes?

Because though life isn't a guarantee, it's definitely a gift...a beautiful gift...and God has been gracious to give me the ability to teach and to communicate...He's given me this extroverted personality with an over-active brain, along with this heart that can't help but WANT to share what I know with people...

I suppose there is a selfish part for me too...I received this note this evening after our class from one of the participants:

I just wanted to thank you for offering the snapshop class! I have learned so much in one afternoon from you! Your class was truly a joy to attend. Made learning fun and easy!!!! I finally think I am starting to get how it all works together! I can not wait to get out and use all of these wonderful things you have taught me!

and not more than 30 minutes later I received a phone call from one of the gals that I mentored a couple months ago and she absolutely blessed my heart with her words of affirmation and appreciation.

I teach these classes because I want others to experience the same things that I do when I look through my pictures on my computer or printed in my scrapbooks or walls...the feeling reliving the chapters of my life...

Have you ever had a book that you love to read, over and over again?  Or a movie that you like to watch repeatedly?  I feel the same way about the story of my life with my children...I love being in the moment NOW, but I like to look back and remember those feelings too...It helps me remember just how good I have reminds me to be thankful and to treasure the moments I've been given.

WHEW...did I mention that I like words?  HELLO LONG WINDED WOMAN!

To break things up, I think you'll enjoy this little clip of my shenanigans at today's Snapshop.  If you haven't attended one yet...I encourage you to think about the kind of photographer or family life document-er that you want to be and determine how you can get there...time is fleeting...

and you just can't get this type of entertainment anywhere else (insert cross-eyed, tongue sticking out emoji)

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