Heart Time Travel

Summer seems so far away doesn't it?
And yet, when I look back at these pictures, I'm taken directly back to the day...
Do pictures do that for you as well? 
I remember the sun, I remember the laughter...I remember squatting down low in order to get Mr. Blue Eyes to look at me...
I remember this mom's shy smile as her man had no qualms about taking her into his arms...
Big brother, in his glory, wanting to show off his big brother duties & maybe get a little spot light for himself :)
This is why I snap the photos...it just takes me back...it almost feels like time travel because all of sudden, I'm there again...these pictures automatically bring a smile to my face and flood the memories of the heart.
This is probably why I have such a passion for photography. 
We had our college BFFs here this past weekend...it was a whirlwind of activity and competition as our children (and the adults) participated in some crazy games...all the while, making memories...and I was snapping pictures like crazy...getting details, hand slaps, snapping those faces of joy & victory...
too soon, our kids will be teenagers...and we may still do "the games"...but it will be different...and I don't want to forget the size of their hands, their missing front teeth, the elation of winning...
By the time I see these little guys again, they will at least be one year older...and so much changes in just a year right?  but our hearts can remember the emotions of time past...it just takes a little reminder...
Pictures don't just recall the facts...they "remember" the heart...so that I don't forget things like happiness and forgiveness and strength of character and the joys of motherhood (even when they are still in diapers & waking up in the night) 
I hope you'll enjoy just this little sample from this family's session!
Take some time this week to look at your old photos...even just scroll through your iPhone if need be...let your heart go on a time travel...and enjoy the ride...

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