Emily: senior

Emily is the next Senior for my "start the 2015 blog posting with seniors" showcase.

I only get to spend a total of about 2 hours with seniors for a photo session...in that time, my goal is to discover the "who" behind the pretty clothes & beautiful skin...I know that it's not really a lot of time, nor do I feel as though I grasp all the ins and outs of any person...but this "job" doesn't mean much to me, if I don't connect with the people whom I photograph...

Anyone can take a picture...you can go to a department store studio and smile and get a portrait...I want to do more...because photography isn't just capturing a likeness on a sheet of paper...I want to capture a personality, a moment, character...the "who" behind the eyes.

Introspective might have been a word that came to mind as Emily, her little sister, dad & I walked around the park...I wouldn't catagorize her in the "extroverted" stereotype, but she wouldn't box into the opposite end of the spectrum either.  She is eloquent and decided.  She is thoughtful and sure about the things on which she has invested her time.  There were moments that I felt I was walking with an "old soul"...that kindred spirit of contemplation & reflection...It was refreshing to share conversation with a young adult that often seemed wiser than her years.

I hope she continues to recognize her inner beauty in her own reflection.

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