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Okay so the title of this blog post won't necessarily match the first part of the "story" but, the way I see it...I walk myself around the barn a couple times before I get to the conclusion, so I figure y'all can just mosey on along with me:)

(can you tell that I spent a weekend down south??)

So, we're coming upon the close of the season...the leaves are nearly off all of the trees, the "fall back" makes it feel like the girls need to head to bed the minute they get off the bus from school...the air is getting colder and weekend weather is not cooperating...

Sounds ideal huh?

Well...that's where we landed with regards to this family photo session...but we did NOT give up...Tiffani puts a lot of value on captured memories of her family...(which is yet, just another reason why I adore her)

Anyway, we met midweek, right after school, just before AWANA at church...the kids were hungry, my girls had to tag along and it was still cloudy...

Boy, this is just NOT sounding good is it? 

The amazing thing is, that even though it may have felt like the odds were against us...Tiffani never gave in...never got frustrated...never let an ounce of "doggone it SUN, just come out!" enter her thinking...

I heard her laughter, as I was scootin' after her kiddos and playing simon says...I watched her make the most of every moment and never let it get her down...and miracle of miracles...it is incredibly evident in her pictures...

Her laughter and optimism is contagious...and therefore she is able to undergird her young family, simultaneously being a helpmate to her hubby...and all the while, genuinely enjoying herself...

I'm serious, I was just in awe...and then when you top that with her generous spirit...I'm blown away...

I am privileged to know them, to be able to spend time with them...I've said it before and I'll say it again, my clients invest in my life, in much more than just monetary ways...I'm just so very thankful for them all...

I hope you'll enjoy the moments as they unfold:)

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