Family Together-ness:)

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are now approaching Christmas...for some that brings feelings of excitement and joy...for others it creates anxiousness and stress...and in some cases, it summons BOTH:) 

Holidays are usually centered around family time...and inevitably, when you pack a house with grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and occassionally throw a dog in the mix...well, that's a LOT of'd think you'd eventually hear a "conflict" or two break out...or perhaps an "Uh-oh, ____ just broke something!"...

Now, I can't vouch for the "I broke something" line, but I spent a considerable amount of time with this family and as I've now become accustomed to the incredible clients that I have, I got to see first hand all the different personalities and dynamics...and I watched (and listened) in awe at how cousins played, siblings laughed, in-laws teased, drama was diverted, FUN was had...and the occassional bark from a dog:) 

I've known each member of this family for quite awhile... Since I know that I tend to drone on with words periodically, I'll give you the quick synopsis:) 

The Patriarch/Matriarch of this clan were actually hosts to my long ago Puppet Team in college (you can stop laughing now at the mention of the fact that I was on a Puppet's another story for another time) Their eldest daughter is beautiful, and was yet another one of the many girls I envied in college for not only their flawless skin and gorgeous smile, but their ability to stay true to who they were made to be!  On weekends, during my college days, I traveled to a church right outside Columbus, on the west was close enough to get to, but far enough that you didn't feel like you were still on campus...Her future husband was the van driver!

I've already mentioned Kara and her family in a previous post...and I'm sure if I write anymore about how much I admire her, you might think I'm making it I'll just let you go back and read it here and know that it's from my heart:)

Their brother knew who I was when I walked through the soon as I mentioned my last name...My sister in law was his teacher, back in the day...All I can say is that I texted my sis on the way home with his words of admiration and encouragement and it completely made her WEEK!

Lastly, I need to bring up Steve and Christy...I LOVE watching these 2 together...You have to understand that Steve just makes you can't help it...he has a gift with words...he is able to weave words and ideas together in a way that either makes you think or laugh...either way, you are stopped dead in your tracks:) And, I couldn't have imagined a more perfect match than his wife, Christy:)  I love to watch them and see how they play off each other...I love the banter and the fact they are "whatcha see is whatcha get" sort of people. I got to talk just little with their eldest daughter...(how are we old enough to have teenagers? we're still in our 20s right?) and I was amazed at her maturity and her unabashed pride in her mom and dad...I saw the same in their son...

I saw it in all the kids...this family has tapped into something...they have passed down lessons and values and relationships that are being produced over and over again...I come away from my time with families like this with such hope and gratitude! 

I know I must sound a little "over the top"...and I'm sure some member of this family will have a good time rolling their eyes at my little "schpeel"...but the thing only get to see a snippet of what I see...and I can't help but show you my heart...

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