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There's a whole long story/explanation behind all this, but suffice to say, I depend mostly on "word of mouth" as my advertisement for CTPhotoMemories:)  It's a part of the reason I'm able to price what I do, but still have quality equipment and give sufficient time to photo sessions and editing...

When someone comes to me saying, "So and so told me about you...I saw their pictures..."  My heart just swells...

Let's face it, what's the alternative, "Um, I saw those pictures...they were awful!" ???

There's a long line of where this family happened upon me...My daughter's teacher got married, I photographed her wedding in Florida...where I met her new sister in law...where I learned she was expecting and she in turn hired me to take pictures of her newbie when he arrived...where in turn, she showed said pictures to her neighbor (who also happened to be her dentist)...continue, continue, continue...and I receive an email in my inbox:)

I was overjoyed to meet them...Sweet older sister with 2 younger (and I can only imagine, ornery) little brothers:)  Being a big sister myself, I know these things:)  We had to rearrange our schedules a bit with the weather, but the day we met, it turned out perfectly...They all are incredibly photogenic...but, what I think I notice more, is the fact that you can "see" their hearts in the images...

Protective and calm dad, generous and loving mom, sweet & imaginative big sis, rambunctous & fun middle son, playful and curious youngest:)  It's a beautiful combination that makes a family FIT together...I love the ties that bind relationships so strongly...just another reason why I love what I do...

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